Vollebak Full Metal Jacket Black Edition


• Fabric is 65% copper, 23% polyamide, 12% polyurethane
The jacket uses Schoeller c_change® membrane
Highly waterproof to over 20,000mm
Highly breathable with a RET score of 10

Jeremy White:

The difference with Vollebak’s copper jacket is it shuns the particles and salts methods and goes for actual copper.

Steve Tidball:

“The antimicrobial properties are great, but we’re also looking at materials we could layer intelligence on top of. Ultimately, we are trying to make intelligent clothing for the next century.”

Steve Tidball:

“This first concept is focused on proving it’s possible to make pieces of clothing almost entirely out of copper,” he told Dezeen. “Now we’ve done that we can start exploring what form they take and what function they can have.”


I have one of these and it’s really nice so far. The feeling is soft and has a unique shine to it.

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